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🌟 Exciting News! 🌍


SQOON has partnered with RECAPP, the first mobile app in the UAE that provides door-to-door collection of recyclables (plastic bottles and metal cans) for free 🚪♻️

Worldwide, nearly 80% of consumers want to be able to make a difference in saving the planet for future generations. By partnering with RECAPP, we wanted to provide to our community a solution to easily act in order to start making a difference, together 💪🌿

We encourage you to recycle at home too with RECAPP App! It is an easy step forward!

 1. Segregate your recyclables (plastic, aluminum and metal packaging) from general waste 🗑️🔄

2. Download RECAPP app and create your account 📱🔗

3. Schedule the pick-up time, RECAPP team will collect at your door and will recycle, for free! 🕒🚛

4. Win rewards! The more you recycle the more points you win. These points give you access to gift vouchers with RECAPP partners - including SQOON 😉🎁


Let’s draw a sustainable future together!


Be the winner of this sustainable journey! ... and get rewarded by both SQOON & RECAPP along the way 💰

The more you recycle the more points you win. Points are redeemable into vouchers! Be part of the SQOON & RECAPP community!

Upon redeeming 5,000 RECAPP points, enjoy an AED50 discount on purchases over AED200 from SQOON.

But wait, that's not all - for all H2Q users, we ask that you do not dispose of your consumed scented pods. Once you have collected 10x or more empty pods, we will arrange for their collection upon your next order and will pay you back AED0.5 per empty pod in the form of Q-WARDS.


Download the app by clicking or scanning on the images below,

or register with the dedicated referral code: REW-SQO-EC

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