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At our core, we believe in the transformative power of community. We believe that genuine change begins within each individual taking that first daring step to pursue their dreams, goals and passions. We are committed to providing premium support to elevate each person to their highest potential, with zero-junk ingredients and products empowering individuals to conquer today and build a brighter tomorrow.

Co-founded by 2 ex-Mckinsey seniors, supported by a project manager and a BD team, the oneshot team is driven by passionate and capable individuals that work together to develop and grow the brand to its fullest potential. From product development, to customer experience, satisfaction and retention, we aim to deliver the best product experience to our community.

Our values are driven by sourcing the best and cleanest ingredients, produce under the highest quality standards, and deliver an effective and easy to use products that benefit our customers.


Launched in March 2024, we introduced our first product line Hydrate. Hydrate is an everyday lifestyle electrolyte hydration powder targeted to the general consumer (kids, professionals, active individuals, along with mothers and family).Packed with all 6 essential electrolytes, 4 vitamins, and zinc, Hydrate offers the user a clean and delicious option to hydrate effectively.

Hydrateis the go to product for consumers seeking clean & effective hydration by replenishing essential electrolytes lost throughout the day and in various activities. Proper hydration allows the consumer to combat brain fog - hot outdoor weather - travel dehydration - intermittent fasting fatigue - fasted cardio performance - afternoon crash

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